H Pylori Stool Test

H Pylori Stool Test also knowns fecal culture, is an examination the war store excrement expelled from the digestive tract. Stool culture sardine evaluate diarrhea of unknown etiology, to identify the presence of parasites in the lower gastrointestinal tract, and to identify organisms that cause damage to intestinal tissue. Excessive flatus and abdominal discomfort are additional indications for stool culture. It must be noted that feces of healthy individual contains a significant number and variety of organisms that are not always pathogenic.

Testing is requested for evaluation of patients with dyspepsia or other upper GI symptoms suggesting H. pylori infection. Stool specimens, collected and transported using standard laboratory methods. Testing may be submitted to monitor effect of treatment for H. pylori infection. Stool antigen become undetectable with effective therapy.

The presence of  H. pylori– specific IgG antibodies has been shown to be an accurate indicator of H. pylori  colonization. H Pylori Stool Test  relies on the presence of  H. pylori  IgG-specific antibody to bind to antigen on the solid phase, forming an antigen-antibody complex that undergoes further reactions to produce a color indicative of the presence of antibody and is quantified using a spectrophotometer or ELISA microwell plate reader. The sensitivity is 94% and specificity 78%, compared with an invasive procedure, such as biopsy, for which the sensitivity is 93% and specificity 99%.

H Pylori Stool Test Interpretation:

Expected result: Negative.

Positive result: Active H. pylori infection. False-positive results may be seen in approximately 5% of tests.

Negative result: The patient is unlikely to have active infection with H. pylori.

False-negative results may be seen in 5–7% of patients; repeat testing or testing with other types of assays for infection should be considered in patients with high suspicion for H. pylori infection.

The H Pylori Stool Test is used to monitor response during therapy and to test for cure after  treatment.

H Pylori Stool Test Cost

fecal antigen immunoassay and [13C] urea breath test have excellent sensitivity and specificity (> 95%) at a cost of < $60

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