H.pylori Aided by Colloidal Silver & Big Pharma Antibiotics

Helicobacter pylori is often referred to as H. pylori and it is one killer that is susceptible to antibiotics of choice, including simple homemade colloidal silver

An article by Judith Hooper appeared in the February 1999 issue of Atlantic monthly magazine that cites information for one of our nations’ top virologists, Paul W. Ewald (Virulence Theories in Evolution of Infectious Diseases) where he relates a then recent study done in Denver wherein fully half of the doctors surveyed were unaware of the infectious nature of stomach ulcers.

The Dr. Oz show of January 5, 2012 made clear the connection between stomach ulcers and subsequent stomach cancers.

Few doctors maintain a continuing education schedule such that they are aware of the newer methods of treating stomach ulcers with antibiotics; fewer still would recognize the use of colloidal silver as being effective in this respect; it is, after all, a near-free simple and effective method of ridding one’s self of stomach ulcers and thereby, theoretically, stomach cancer.

Know however, that colloidal silver works best on single-celled organisms. Cancer would be a mass and silver would by its very nature work at the surface. If it were a fast growing cancer, injection into the tumor may be necessary. This of course would generally require the use of a physician.

As noted by Bob Beck, silver’s de-differentiating nature would take the differentiated cells comprising and ulcer and likely reverse them through the healing process into completely new cells for a thorough healing of the condition that would be nothing short of natural.


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